OMG!Morgan Freeman, 86 years old actor, is in critical condition…

Morgan Freeman did not attend the Special Ops: Lioness press trip to the United Kingdom, leaving co-stars Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidman alone for the Paramount+ series’ promotion. The reason for this is that the Invictus star developed a fever before his trip and, according to his physicians, suffered a possible ‘contagious infection.’

His absence was noticeable at a series of press appearances in London, including a screening of their Paramount+ show on Tuesday, as expected. Alex Jones, the host of The One Show, voiced her disappointment that Morgan was unable to appear when the two actresses appeared.

“Morgan has a fever, and his doctor believes he has a contagious infection, so he canceled his trip,” a spokeswoman for the actor told MailOnline. He is presently fine.”

While he is recuperating, his co-stars maintain a full schedule. Saldana and Kidman both attended a photocall at the IET London as well as a screening at the Tate Britain.

Special Ops: Lioness is based on a true-life CIA program and follows Marine Joe (Zoe) as she tries to manage her personal and professional lives as the CIA’s tip of the spear in the war on terror. In the film, Kidman plays senior CIA supervisor Kaitlyn Meade. She collaborates with Marine Raider Cruz (De Oliveira) on an undercover mission to prevent another 9/11.

Known for his shows within the Yellowstone universe, including historical series like 1883 and 1923, Special Ops: Lioness shows something different from creator Taylor Sheridan and it’s definitely worth watching.

The series is due to premiere on streaming platform Paramount+ on July 23 with episodes expected to be released weekly throughout the season.

We hope Morgan Freeman will overcome any health issue he’s experiencing.

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