Mom was chastised online for dragging her infant on a leash through an airport…(Video)

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. However, with the small bundles of joy come huge obligations, and most moms and dads find themselves divided between a slew of commitments as they try to discover ways to deal with their children’s tantrums.

The truth is that folks who have never had children on their own are quick to evaluate others’ parenting abilities, despite being utterly oblivious of what other parents go through with their children.

Woman Caught Dragging Child Through Airport On Viral Video And Most Parents Totally Get It - Filter Free Parents

A video from 2019 that recently surfaced online has made quite a stir on social media. It depicts a mother at an airport dragging her young boy to the ground with a leash fastened around his chest.

As expected, many people judged her for her actions and accused her of being a bad parent, but others said they could understand her because children can be difficult at times and this was the only way she knew of getting out of whatever situation the child had put her in.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by user @cacadoodledoo83 (Erica Shupe Hall), who captioned it, “Leaving Cancun is difficult…”I understand, buddy.”

Millions of people watched the video and left thousands of comments.
“My OCD would not let me drag my child across that filthy floor.” “I’d rather pick him up, but I guess I’m unique,” one user remarked. “Awful parent. “That is child abuse,” said another. “At that point, I just carry mine.” “I’m not dragging them across that filthy floor,” a third added. “There is a difference, in my opinion, [between] using a harness for the safety of your child and dragging the child with it on the ground,” wrote another judge. I would never do that to my dog, and I would never do that to my child.”

Those who stood by the mom’s side and agreed how they feel her pain of dealing with misbehaving children commented as well. “Lmao! Do what you gotta do momma,” a user that goes by the name Sophia wrote. “I’m not saying it’s right… I’m saying I understand! Show me a perfect parent who has never made an error in judgment or hasn’t done whatever they could to survive the day,” someone else added.

The rest of the comments were, “I don’t see any issue with this. Although she could’ve probably carried him, he seems okay to be pulled along. If the kid were [distressed], he would have been making a scene,” and “I had a harness and leash for my five kids. I never lost them. They never got hurt. They were safe and liked the independence of not having to hold my hand. I don’t recall ever having to drag them like this, but I understand how it could happen.”

Woman Caught Dragging Child Through Airport On Viral Video And Most Parents  Totally Get It - Filter Free Parents

Whatever your thoughts are on this scenario, one thing we must remember is that we should not be hasty to pass judgment because every family is having their own challenges and conflicts.

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