People are crying as a result of their dog’s touching reaction to his new newborn brother.

It’s always wonderful to meet a new family member for the first time, especially if that new person is a baby! People are almost always excited to meet youngsters, and dogs are no different.

This video, “Chloe Meets Cody,” is an excellent example. The movie starts in a bedroom, with mom on one side and baby Cody in the center of the room in a little bed.

The door opens almost instantly, showing Chloe. She’s lucky she’s on a leash otherwise her eagerness would squish Cody! She virtually drags her pleased owner over to the sleeping infant in his cradle.

Chloe obtains traction on the wooden floor and makes her first motion after crossing the rug: she says her first “hello”! She plainly doesn’t know how to react, but she does want a better look!

Chloe seemed to be head over heels in love with Cody, giving him multiple sniffs and never breaking eye contact. Chloe decides to kiss Cody while receiving plenty of pets herself, ensuring the tiny guy is exceptionally clean.

As her owners watch the adorable interaction unfold in front of their eyes, she alternates between giving and receiving attention. Cody, on the other hand, is a good sport and doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention!

Cody is relaxing, Chloe is bouncing up and down, and the owners are clearly overjoyed at the small gathering in this home video. So nutritious!

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