People Persuade Him to Take a DNA Test After Mom Posts Photo of Her Child and Partner to Prove They Look Alike

A child frequently resembles only one of its parents rather than both. A TikTok couple recently posted a video that sparked a heated debate among social media users about how much a child should look like their parents. Finally, advocates of this discussion were split. Raina Sanita, a TikTok user, posted a video on the app on April 22, 2023, matching her baby’s face to the child’s purported father using one of the filters.

The movie starts with the face of Raina’s child, which eventually turns into the child’s assumed father. Finally, the father shifted his gaze away from the camera, as if surprised. Raina titled the video “Stop denying,” and captioned it, “PROVING to my [baby daddy] that our daughter does look more like him.” Despite Raina’s claims that the video proved the kid was his, the alleged father and the comment section were not convinced.

Raina’s comment section exploded after the test, with many eager to hear whether her partner was truly the father.
Commenters on the video claimed that the baby was not his. Others commented that the baby appeared to be far too white to be the child of a black man. “OK, I’m going to be that person,” said one.

That kid is much too white to be his.” Many people agreed with this statement. Others advocated for paternity tests, with one stating, “He needs a DNA test.”Meanwhile, Raina posted another video showing how much she looked like the baby, and other viewers appeared to agree that the father looked more like the baby. “I see it as clear as day,” one person said, “he better claim that baby.”

Raina and her partner eventually resolved the issue once and for all, with thousands of users demanding a paternity test. A third video showed the accused father sitting with the child while a pair of gloved hands approached with a swab. The father eagerly opened his mouth to allow for the extraction of a DNA sample.

After showing her and her boyfriend take their child for paternity tests on April 29, 2023, the mother became radio silent. After finishing his swab, the person taking the samples produced another swab and approached the young infant girl, who sat contentedly as a sample was taken from her. The entire procedure was quick, but the responses were slow.

The main source of contention surrounding the couple’s child was the apparent mismatch between the baby’s skin color and that of her purported father. Many viewers observed that if the man in the pictures had been her father, the tiny girl would have had darker skin, prompting the young mother to make the clips indicating the little girl resembled her partner.

Although many people expected the man to have a child with darker skin, the complexity of DNA and biology indicate that an interracial couple can have a child with light skin. A well-known case in 2010 involved two black parents eventually giving birth to a child who appeared to be white. According to the BBC, three major factors in determining a baby’s skin tone are “dormant white genes that infiltrated both of her parents’ families long ago,

albinism, or a genetic mutation specific to her.” According to studies, when a newborn grows older, his or her skin may darken. While some in Raina’s comment section are worried, all signs point to the man in the videos being the little girl’s father. Raina’s comment section exploded after the test, with many eager to hear whether her partner was truly the father.

After showing her and her boyfriend take their child for paternity tests on April 29, 2023, the mother became radio silent. Countless people hounded Raina on TikTok while waiting for the DNA test results, attempting to get a fraction of the truth from her. In the end, it was all for naught. Raina declined to talk about the testing anymore, preferring to keep the results to herself and her husband.

Although she has not stated whether her partner is her daughter’s real father, it appears the hesitant man stayed following the DNA tests, hinting they made an agreement. Raina’s third video was followed by another, this time showing herself, her daughter, and her partner. Raina’s assistant grinned as she held the tiny youngster up to the camera, then panned to reveal Raina sitting blissfully while she shot them.

The video was captioned, “When all the [redacted] on TikTok are mad as hell, you ain’t posting no results.”Raina was right. People in the comment section were nearly shrieking to find out if her boyfriend was the father of her child. One TikTok user politely but firmly asked her to provide the outcomes, adding, “Ma’am, we’re waiting what are the results we’ve invested.” They were by no means alone.

Many others believed Raina’s silence had already disclosed the solution, with one saying, “It’s been almost a month and not even an irrelevant new video has been posted.” “That certainly says a lot.” Others took Raina’s silence after the DNA test and read whatever they wanted into it.

“You notice no more posts since he did the test?” one person wrote. Hmmmmm.” Another individual stated, “It’s May 26 durk drop his album before y’all drop the results i think i know the answer (sic).”Although Raina did not comment to any of these theories, she did answer to one who stated, “Aniyah is not his baby according to her fb.” It’s also unfortunate because her entire family believed her. “Baby looks exactly like her ex.”

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