Mom abandons four children but their father never abandons them: ‘They don’t deserve to suffer.’

Although their mother abandons four children, their father never abandons them: ‘They don’t deserve to suffer,’ says the author.

Enrique Alegría Valdivia in Cordoba, Argentina, 2023 | Source:

He works hard to earn money and provides for their basic requirements. Valdivia’s life has become difficult without his wife’s assistance because he needs to feed four people on a tiny salary while also making sure his children get to school on time. Even when things are difficult at home, Valdivia is a decent parent who strives to maintain a cheerful attitude in order to put his children at rest.

The father stated that he constantly thinks about his children and does his best to ensure that they are never late for school and always have adequate food. Valdivia, on the other hand, gets up every day, ready to feed his children and bring them where they need to go before going to work.Valdivia earns a living by working on construction projects. Despite having numerous opportunities to work for a large corporation, the father of four has lately begun working on his own.

He claims that working for himself allows him to set his own hours, allowing him to care for his children. “My kids leave for school at 7:45 a.m.,” he explained. So I won’t be able to begin work at 7 a.m., as is customary on construction sites. I seek for my own tiny jobs to avoid hurting anyone or giving them an excuse to say I’m late or work less.

Valdivia saves money for a house while working and caring for his children. Valdivia’s family is now living with one of his friends, but the father of four hopes to one day own his own home. He claims that one day he would be able to afford to build a decent home for his family. The oldest of Valdivia’s children can help around the house, which is a wonderful thing. The 11-year-old frequently assists in the care of his or her younger brothers, ages 9, 7, and 5.

Enrique Alegría Valdivia and his kids in Cordoba, Argentina, 2023 | Source:

Still, Valdivia and his family struggle to make ends meet, so life can be difficult for them. After hearing about Valdivia’s attempts to raise his children on his own, a local news station chose to interview him a few days before Father’s Day. When asked how he meant to spend the vacation, Valdivia stated that he simply wanted to spend the day with his children.Valdivia admitted that he doesn’t have many other people with whom he might celebrate Father’s Day, but he doesn’t mind.

The kind father only wants to spend time with his four children. Valdivia is content since he has his children. And he stated that, despite their difficult lives, they frequently make him happy. Even when things are difficult at home, Valdivia is a decent parent who strives to maintain a cheerful attitude in order to put his children at rest. He also stated that he tries to grin as often as possible, even when financial difficulties make him want to give up. Valdivia believes that is what his children deserve.

Valdivia wishes to save enough money to purchase a home for his family, but all his children want is a ball to play with. Valdivia informed the kids they couldn’t have the toy since they didn’t have much money and that whatever money they did have should go toward the house. “They don’t deserve to be hurt and sad,” the father said of his children. I would have to cry if my son did it. Whatever happened, I’d have to cry even more in front of them.”

Enrique Alegría Valdivia and his kids in Cordoba, Argentina, 2023 | Source:

Valdivia’s tale spread throughout his community, and many people observed how hard the single father worked to raise his children. People regard him as a hero since he works tirelessly to provide the greatest possible life for his children. And Valdivia is receiving appreciation from more than just its residents.Valdivia’s story has been told all over the world since it made headlines.

People on social media are fascinated by the father who does everything he can to raise his four children on his own, and they have broadcast the tale far more widely than the local press could.Valdivia works hard to make a living on his own, but a fund has been established to assist the father of four in purchasing items for his children. His five-year-old can finally get the ball he craves with the assistance of others.

The happy father of four kids said about them, “I give everything I can and have. I’ll always be there for my kids. They’re there to love and care for them, and they’re also my biggest strength. I know that I will get enough land to build our house at some point.” Want to see more? Click here to read a story about a sick man whose kids didn’t care about him until the family lawyer called them.

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