Man Informs Wife That He Is Divorcing Her The Morning After Their Wedding Because….

When an Australian woman married her husband, she had no idea the next day he would offer divorce. Two weeks after their wedding, the woman and her husband divorced.When some people meet someone they believe would be an excellent life partner, they make the decision to marry. They marry that person with the intention of spending the rest of their life together.

Life, however, does not always go as planned. Many marriages fail after a few years or months, but the woman in today’s story’s marriage ended just 24 hours after she said yes. Rachel, the newlywed bride, spoke about her experience on the radio show “Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield,” hosted by Abbie Chatfields and Rohan Edwards. She stated why her husband was so eager to leave their marriage.

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The explanation was offered to listeners during the live broadcast, but netizens discovered Rachel’s story after a TikTok video of Edwards and Chatfield conversing with the Sydney-based woman surfaced. “What’s your shortest relationship?” the video clip, which lasted more than a minute, was captioned. At the opening of the video, Edwards asked Rachel about her shortest relationship, to which she replied:

“I had only been married for 24 hours when my husband asked for a divorce.”When Edwards learned of her hours-long marriage, he inquired as to what went wrong that day. The woman replied that she and her husband had gone out the night before their wedding and were fatigued when they returned to their hotel room.

Rachel had known her husband for years and had a physical relationship with him, but everything went apart when the new wife refused to do anything. “Unfortunately,” she went on, “I didn’t give him exactly what he wanted,”Rachel claimed she was tired from the wedding festivities, but her husband insisted on sleeping with her. Rachel’s relationship quickly deteriorated when she refused to do what her husband desired.

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“I was miserable,” said the woman. The next day, her new spouse informed her that he wanted a divorce. Rachel stated that they “couldn’t wait” to be apart and separated right away. Edwards and Chatfield were taken aback when they discovered why Rachel’s husband refused to spend the rest of his life with her. They couldn’t believe someone would abandon their bride just hours after their wedding because she didn’t want to get intimate with them.

“What a revolting man!” After hearing Rachel’s story, Chatfield was shocked. Meanwhile, Edwards stated that he couldn’t “understand” why Rachel’s husband was angry because she was sleepy.The hosts went on to say that it was fine for people not to want to get intimate after their wedding because they spent hours at the wedding venue having fun and enjoying their day.

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Edwards and Chatfield agreed with Rachel, saying that most people do not get intimate on their wedding night. Rachel’s divorce was finalized two weeks after her spouse announced their intention to divorce her, making her marriage the shortest of her life. She had no idea things would turn out so badly.

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