At 14, a girl was hailed as a hero for saving a school bus full of students from a ‘very scary’ collision with a gas station.

In Australia, a quick-thinking young girl was lauded for her courageous effort in saving a school bus full of pupils from colliding with a gas station.

VIDEO | Disaster averted in Australia: a 14-year-old girl heroically  prevented a bus from hitting a gas station - Free Press

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report from November 2023, a 14-year-old girl called Isabelle Miller, also known as Izzy, was on her way home.

Before boarding the bus that would take her home, she boarded another one outside Casino High School in New South Wales to speak with her pals one more time before the busses left.

In an interview with Today, Izzy stated that something was off and that the driver was not present.

Tragic events occurred when the bus unexpectedly began going without a driver. Izzy promptly devised a strategy and took the wheel to save the other pupils on board.

Heroic Australian teenager saves runaway bus from crashing into gas station

Even though Izzy had never driven a bus before, she was able to navigate and use the brake pedal instead of the accelerator. The vehicle’s path was then changed, allowing her to drive away. Fortunately, no one was injured, and Izzy saved the lives of other students by avoiding a collision with the gas station.

The surveillance footage from the gas station revealed that the bus took a different route, but Izzy skillfully steered the vehicle through the presence of passengers and other cars.

Additionally, a few teachers from the school were observed trying to push the bus in order to alter its course.

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“Everyone was freaking out like ‘Oh what do we do now,'” she said.

Although Izzy was praised for her bravery, she said in an interview that it was a terrifying experience for her to know that there would have been a calamity if she hadn’t acted that day.

“I found it quite frightening to contemplate that, had I not taken any action, a negative outcome might have occurred,” she shared with me.

Rebecca, Izzy’s mother, said she didn’t find out what happened until Izzy arrived home, and she expressed relief that nothing had happened to her daughter or the other children on the bus.

Regardless, the mother was overjoyed with her daughter’s activities.

Upon the bus eventually coming to a stop, Izzy conveyed her relief, stating, “I was quite relieved that it came to a stop, and nothing untoward happened to the children on the bus or to me.”

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Izzy was called to a meeting with Northern Rivers Buslines, where she was commended for her actions.

Heroic 14-year-old girl takes the wheel of a runaway school bus in Casino  as it ploughs toward a busy petrol station | Daily Mail Online

In addition, she received a plaque and a $100 award from the North Casino Mini Mart, a shop across the street that was nearly hit by the bus if Izzy did not move promptly.

People were moved by Izzy’s actions and shared their thoughts on Today’s Facebook video.

“This young girl should be awarded a bravery medal she saved lives in the bus and service station,” one person remarked.

“Without actually realizing it the lives this young lady with her quick thinking has saved is amazing and definitely should be recognized in some way Well done Izzy,” said one person.

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