Seeking for a family the woman finds her son the existence of whom she didn’t know…

Kristin Schoonveld, a mother from Indianapolis who had donated her eggs 25 years earlier, made a surprising discovery through DNA testing. Kristin, who was adopted as a newborn in 1969, decided to undergo DNA testing as an adult with the hope of finding her biological parents.

In 2019, she used the services of 23andMe, a company that provides DNA testing with ancestry breakdown. To her astonishment, the results showed a match indicating she had a son. Initially, as she had never been pregnant, Kristin thought it might be an error. However, upon clicking on the profile, she noticed that the young man resembled her.

Kristin Schoonveld continued to read and discovered that her “son” was the result of in vitro fertilization (IVF), and he, too, was searching for his biological family. It triggered her memory about a significant decision she had made many years earlier – she had anonymously donated her eggs to an infertile couple.

Motivated by an article about egg donation in 1994, Schoonveld had submitted an application to be a donor, and a couple had selected her. She underwent months of hormone injections before traveling to California for the egg retrieval process. The revelation through DNA testing brought to light the connection between her and the child born from her donated eggs.

In the years that followed the egg donation, Kristin Schoonveld acknowledged that she occasionally contemplated the possibility of having a biological child but didn’t dwell on the idea too much. The revelation through DNA testing unexpectedly brought this aspect of her past to the forefront, connecting her with the son born from her donated eggs.

In June 2012, Kristin Schoonveld attended the Special Olympics and encountered Nick, a young man with Down syndrome whom she had previously met during her college years. When she was in college, Schoonveld took a semester off to work in Nick’s second-grade special education classroom. Their connection was strong, and she even nannied for him during the summer, describing their bond as being “attracted to each other from the outset.” Unfortunately, they lost contact over time.

The reunion at the Special Olympics provided an ideal opportunity for Kristin and Nick to reconnect after years of being apart.

Kristin Schoonveld and Nick’s family became even closer during the challenging time when Nick’s mother, Grace, was battling non-lung smoker’s cancer. Schoonveld provided frequent support and continued to do so even after Grace, aged 60, passed away in January 2015.

Throughout this period, Kristin and Brian, Nick’s father, developed a deep connection and eventually fell in love. They married in January 2018, and just four months later, Kristin legally adopted Nick.

Inspired by the adoption process, which occurred in the same courthouse where she had been adopted as a baby, Kristin felt compelled to learn more about her birth family. This led her to search for her biological father on 23andMe in late 2019, alongside her previous discovery of her biological mother on MyHeritage.

In her quest to find her biological father, Kristin Schoonveld turned to 23andMe in late 2019. Before this, she had already identified her biological mother through MyHeritage.

Unexpectedly, the DNA testing on 23andMe led Kristin to Parker Erickson, a 26-year-old born through in vitro fertilization using a donor’s egg. This revelation prompted Schoonveld to reflect on her own egg donation experience from many years ago, recognizing the connection with Parker as a result of her past decision to donate her eggs.

In addition to searching for his original mother on the same website, Parker Erickson also explored the possibility of having unknown siblings through the platform. He reflected on the potential of finding someone else and shared that neither of his parents was entirely certain. Despite this uncertainty, Parker and his girlfriend, Kaylee, remained optimistic about the possibility of discovering additional family members.

Following their initial communication, Kristin Schoonveld and Nick traveled to Indiana in November 2019 to meet Parker Erickson and his parents. Kristin expressed that the connection with Parker was immediate, describing it as “instant love” and feeling like she had known him her whole life. This sentiment was reciprocated by Parker, marking a significant and heartwarming reunion for both parties.

Parker Erickson reflected on the meeting with Kristin Schoonveld and Nick, expressing that it felt like hanging out with people he already knew. He described the experience as simple and easy to love each other right away, highlighting the immediate connection and sense of familiarity that characterized their reunion.

Parker Erickson expressed that he had always desired a brother, and he found one in Nick. The bond between Kristin Schoonveld, Nick, and Parker has endured, with Parker taking a step in his mother’s footsteps by applying to volunteer at the Boulder Special Olympics, where he and his girlfriend now reside.

Kristin Schoonveld declared, “We’ve built a bond that will last the rest of our lives.” The meeting between Schoonveld and Erickson has expanded their worlds, creating a more significant and wonderful connection that will endure for years to come.

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