An 82-year-old man has volunteered at a hospital for the past 12 years… Look at what he does!

David Deutschman was introduced to the public through the story of Logan, a preterm infant born weighing only 1 kilogram. Logan could only survive in the intensive care unit at first.

Logan’s mother, Mary Beth Brullett, was unable to be with him since she had another kid at home. Mary visited the baby every day, despite the two-hour drive from her home to the hospital. Mary’s heart was heavy with the emotional load of knowing her kid was alone during such trying times.

During one of her trips, Mary came and saw Logan in the arms of an unknown old guy. The infant was snuggled peacefully in the man’s hands, evoking the picture of a grandpa and grandson. When Mary told this poignant story, she couldn’t stop crying.

As a result, David Deutschman got the affectionate moniker “the grandfather from the intensive care unit.” David volunteered in the hospital for 12 years, focused on helping preterm newborns grow and flourish.

His path into volunteering began after he retired from a successful corporate career, spurred on by a personal catastrophe as a hospital patient.

David’s outgoing personality prompted him to interact with other moms in similar situations, encouraging him to initially provide aid and later become a formal volunteer permitted access to the critical care unit.

David went to the critical care unit twice a week for 12 years, never regretting his decision. He conversed with freshly admitted moms, bringing much-needed comfort to those under extreme stress.

On social media, parents expressed gratitude to the elderly man from the intensive care unit for his assistance in navigating challenges, caring for the children, ensuring timely meals and procedures, offering comfort, wiping tears, and soothing them as if they were his own grandchildren.

Despite some of David’s friends’ lack of understanding about his dedication, he merely grinned and said, “They do not understand the depth of emotions I experience.”

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