Mom on life support recovers miraculously and sees her baby after birth while still on the ventilator

Autumn and Zach Carver of Indiana fell in love as adolescents and always dreamed of having a large family. So having their first boy was intended to be one of the happiest days of their lives – but the entire experience quickly turned into a nightmare. Autumn went into a coma after giving birth to their son and was placed on life support. Doctors gave her no chance of survival, and Zack was offered the option of terminating his relationship with the love of his life. But her dedicated, faithful husband refused to abandon her and began praying “every second.” What followed can only be characterized as a miracle.

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Whether or not you believe in miracles, they do occur, and they generally occur when we least expect them.

The COVID-19 epidemic has unthinkable consequences for humanity. Many firms had to close, economies were on the edge of collapsing, and people were laid off. Worst of all, many people were left battling for their lives, and several died in the process.

In August, Autimn Carver and her husband Zach both tested positive for the virus. Autumn was expecting her third child at the time, but due to her poor health, she was hospitalized and had to have a C-section during the 33rd week of her pregnancy.

Baby Huxley was delivered healthy, but Autumn required life support since she was battling to breathe.

The baby was released from the hospital after 10 days, but Autumn needed to stay much longer since the doctors’ prognosis was bleak.

After two hard months, this courageous mother of three was finally able to embrace her bundle of joy in her arms.

“It was very emotional for myself, her parents, and of course Autumn,” Zach Carver said on Good Morning America. “It’s why she is fighting so hard, so she can get home to our kids.”

“A surprise conversation with a doctor this morning brought us out of isolation and a plan for Autumn to meet Huxley,” he said on Facebook. The same conversation informed us that Autumn Carver’s tracheotomy would be replaced with a smaller one so she could use a speaking device.

“At 3 p.m. today, she met our son, and it was an incredible moment, to say the least.” Her parents, one of her best friends, and a slew of nurses and physicians were all present to witness the momentous occasion. I’m not sure if there was a dry eye in the vicinity. Later this afternoon, I heard Autumn exclaim, “I love Zach.” What a fantastic day.

“We still have a long way to go, but a good day like today was much needed.” Autumn expresses gratitude for all of the prayers and support she has received along the process. “May God bless you.”

Autumn was subsequently moved to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where physicians determined she would most likely require a lung transplant. But, in November, Zach issued an update indicating that his heroic wife was growing stronger.

“We went from she’s going to die, to she’s going to need a full lung transplant to she’s going to go home,” she added. “It’s an absolute miracle.”

For more on this incredible story go to the video below.

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