A 125-pound dog assists a newborn in becoming an early walker.

Drax belongs to the Cane Corso breed. He was just 8 weeks old when he was adopted by his family. At the same time, his mother discovered she was expecting. As her pregnancy swelled in size, Drax began spending more time with his mother.

He sat on his mother’s lap and laid on her tummy, always being kind to her. Drax would keep a safe distance from her when she gave birth to a newborn boy. The mother prioritized early socializing and desensitization.

Drax was always glued to the adorable infant. His favorite pastime was following the baby’s every move. The new parents attempted to teach their kids how to roll. Drax, on the other hand, rolled over to demonstrate to the infant how to do it.

Drax was always there near the baby while he hung and hopped in his small jumper. They quickly become inseparable. When the infant was a year old, Drax had grown to his full size. Drax helped the infant boy learn to walk at a young age. He wanted to keep up with his canine companion.

Drax, although being huge, thought of himself as a small lapdog. The boy received a ball pit for his birthday, which he used to play in with Drax. The infant would shove plastic balls into Drax’s mouth, some of which were damaged.

The family used to go to the park where Drax would go insane. He’d slide down and run through tunnels, certain that the park was designed only for him. The infant and Drax were then visited by Santa and Mrs. Claus on his first Christmas. The dog was overjoyed to meet the pair and preferred Santa to the baby.

Drax altered his mother’s perception of how lovely canines may be. She began to believe that a youngster might learn a lot from dogs. They grew up together and were great friends.

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