A Strange Coincidence Regarding the Bride’s Mother-in-Law is Revealed in Her Baby Book

Kelsey Poll and Tyler West, like many other engaged couples, walked down memory lane before their wedding to collect old photographs for their wedding film. They had the surprise of their lives when they opened Kelsey’s baby book. In the baby book was a photo of Kelsey, a few minutes old, being cared for by a nurse. That isn’t really concerning…

The peculiar aspect is that they both identified the nurse as Tyler West’s mother, Mary Ann! Yes, Kelsey’s future mother-in-law attended and even assisted with her birth! Mary Ann West told Good Morning America that she couldn’t believe it when she discovered the coincidence. “We were shocked,” she said. “I thought to myself, this is meant to be. What are the possibilities of these two kids meeting, falling in love, marrying, and starting their own family?”

Mary Ann realized she was at Kelsey’s birth after learning she was there, and she recalled everything, which is saying a lot since she worked for many years as a labor and delivery nurse at HCA Healthcare’s Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah. “Her delivery was a little complicated, which is why I remember it from 22 years ago.” Her placenta was causing her problems…

It was exceedingly risky because the chord was tied to the infant and the vessels were just in the amniotic membranes in the bag of water rather than attached to the cord, so it wasn’t protected,” she stated. She also noted that this was the first time she had faced this precise complication with delivery in her 29-year nursing career. Mary Ann West also recalls convincing Stacy Poll, Kelsey’s mother, to have three children. Kelsey was Stacy’s third child, and Mary Ann had just given birth to her third, Tyler.

“I had just given birth to my third child a year before and was just telling her, ‘You got this girl.'” ‘It’s all fine,'” West said she told Stacy Poll. “‘You can do it.'” It was a fantastic experience advising her on how to assist the elder siblings in adjusting to the new baby.” She had no idea that her third child would meet and fall in love twenty years later when she provided that advice! Tyler and Kelsey met in 2021 at Kelsey’s workplace, a bank.

He returned a few days later to ask for her phone number after they spoke for a bit. As they say, the rest is history. They want to marry in May 2023. Kelsey Poll West considers it extremely significant that her mother and mother-in-law were present for her birth. “She was able to help my mom during a time when she was really scared, and that means a lot, because my mom means the world to me,” she added.

“And just having both of my moms there with me when I was born is something that not everyone gets to say, and that’s something that I’ll be eternally grateful for, that I have that connection with her and that she has that connection with my mom, too.” I appreciate this coincidence, as well as the Wests’ familial connection. Stacy Poll, Kelsey’s mother, is now Mary Ann West’s best friend, according to Mary Ann West. I have to agree that this seems to be a love made in heaven!

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