An elderly woman gets robbed while visiting her late husband’s grave: the robber’s son contacts her days later.

Losing someone close to you is one of the most difficult things you can go through, and Tona Herndon, 78, experienced this firsthand. Her spouse of 60 years died after a long life together.

Unfortunately, in times like this, terrible individuals prey on those who are emotionally fragile and unable to fight to make a fast profit.

Tona was visiting her husband’s cemetery in Bethany, Oklahoma, two weeks after his death, according to a CBS News story from October 2013.

It must have been difficult for her because she had recently become a widow and had spent six decades with the love of her life before he died.

Something horrific happened to her again at that time, when she was cruelly mugged in the graveyard. The perpetrator obtained her handbag and almost $700.

“I really didn’t even know anything was going wrong until I was halfway in the car,” she said.

Elderly Woman Gets Robbed While Visiting Dead Husband's Grave: Days Later, Robber's  Son Contacts Her

Authorities tracked him out and arrested him a few days later, and his mugshot was broadcast on television.

As a result, a 15-year-old youngster called Christian Lunsford recognized the thief as his father.

He told the news site about his background, including how his parents split when he was just two years old and how his father was rarely around as he grew up.

His final contact with him was shortly before his imprisonment when his father handed him money for a band tour.

The teenage kid stated that his father had always been like that as a father, and he had also been in and out of jail several times before to his case with Tona Herndon.

Christian then wondered whether he would end up like his father, telling the publication, “There are times when you just feel really low, like, ‘Is that going to be me?'”… Will I end up like that?'”

The child had other intentions for himself and wanted to do the right thing, so when he discovered his father’s misdeeds, he spoke with Tona to make apologies and asked to meet her at a church parking lot.

“It had to be done… Someone had to apologize to her. Who would apologize if I didn’t?” stated Christian.

The two were able to connect with each other in an emotional video published by CBS News, and they could be seen holding hands.

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Tona was moved by their interaction, and she thought it was “extraordinary” that a 15-year-old child would have enough conscience to feel forced to apologize for what his father did.

Later in the video, Christian takes his wallet from his pocket and pulls out $250. He explained that his father had given him the money and that he wasn’t sure whether it was her money.

“I’d feel bad if I didn’t give it to you,” he told me.

Tona took the money. She explained she had complete control over what she did with it because it was hers, so she returned it to him and informed Christian she wanted him to accompany her on the trip.

The encounter concluded with an embrace between the two, and many around them looked to be upset, wiping their emotions.

Finally, Christian gave some words of wisdom, telling the outlet, “You’re not who your parents are… Even if they do raise you, you can become whoever you want to be.”

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