Check out this hilarious video!! We Can’t Stop Laughing After Toddler Wins Epic Wrestling Match Over Dad!

There are several advantages to becoming a parent. One of them is coming up with creative ways to spend time with your children by playing games, including ones you make up yourself. Sometimes you gain inspiration from others, like this father did with wrestling.

People are gushing over how lovely this Dad and his kid are together in a video published on Reddit. This little kid can pull off some really incredible wrestling maneuvers with the aid of his father, always able to take his opponent down with virtually little effort.

Dad is keeping a careful check on his child at all times to ensure his safety. The toddler’s final blow has to be our favorite move. He makes the coolest somersault after carefully stepping on the dresser, “landing” on Dad in a way that keeps them both safe while ensuring the kid stays the reigning champion of the home.

We like this father-son interaction, thanks to the toddler’s skills and the wrestling commentary that plays over the video! In the video below, you can see this future wrestler having fun with his father.

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