A fourth grader brought his parents to tears with his version of “Imagine” during the school talent competition…

Schoolchildren can showcase their abilities in talent shows, and one fourth-grader did exactly that, much to the joy of his mother and, shortly thereafter, millions of others across the world.

Adam Kornowski, a fourth-grader at Lakeside Elementary School in Chisago City, Minneapolis, participated in the school’s talent event in 2018. Michelle Kornowski, a member of the crowd, would be taping his rendition of John Lennon’s timeless song “Imagine.” The tiny child approached the piano with courage. As his calming voice permeated the room, everyone became silent. When he was done, there was not a dry eye in the house.

Michelle, a proud mother, broadcast the entire performance on Facebook with her relatives and friends. The events that followed are a true testament to Adam’s ability. In the end, the post received 14 million views and over 200,000 likes. She labeled it as follows:

“Today was Adam’s all-school talent show. He did use the phrase “Imagine.” No parent in the room was dry-eyed by the end of it. He earned a standing ovation, and the applause didn’t stop! If I released it, a woman approached me and said she would buy it on iTunes! I love his final bow; it’s very nice.

Adam’s serene and melodious voice and great piano playing in the video added a lot of heart to the inspirational tune. Michelle stated that she only planned for his performance to be seen by family and close friends, so she was surprised when the video became viral.

Michelle expressed anxiety because she only has 150 Facebook friends. Despite Adam’s surprise at the overwhelming reaction, she stated that they will “see what happens from this.”

I think I know what occurred from reading the comments (on the Facebook post), Michelle said, adding that it was a terrific once-in-a-lifetime event. Given the current state of the world, I believe many were pulled to the young guy performing the song. This song’s timing was impeccable.

Adam told KARE 11 that he chose “Imagine” because he agreed with its message. The song is about peace and positivity. There are hardly no disputes. Given what we’re going through right now, it’s quite timely, he told the outlet.

According to his mother, who thought that it was the ideal song choice, there is a lot of strife in the world, and he wanted to compose a song with peace and positivity in it in the hopes that people would listen to it. I feel the John Lennon song struck a chord with him because he listens to the music he performs. He merely wanted to send a message as a 10-year-old youngster.

She said that Adam, who began studying the piano at the age of five from his musician father, isn’t letting online celebrity affect him and is returning to all of the traditional hobbies of 10-year-old children, including baseball. The woman stated that he was delighted since it was exhilarating, but he swiftly went on to the next item.

“Adam’s talent has brought him new online fans, many of whom have praised his abilities and poise.” He has since gone viral. Many people applauded Adam for expertly playing the well-known song and for handling his anxieties in front of his classmates, instructors, and parents.”

Michelle first attempted to individually thank everyone who posted a good remark on the video on Facebook, but the volume proved too much. Instead, she left a note of gratitude for Adam and herself.

“Adam’s videos have grown in popularity. I started by thanking everyone who shared it and responding to every comment, even if it was only to say thank you. Unfortunately, I am unable to keep up. We would be grateful if you liked, commented, or shared it. He’s heard some wonderful things, and I know it makes him feel great. I’ll keep reading the comments and discussing them with Adam. I’m speechless with the reaction. Thank you very much!”

Here’s a link to the great performance:

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