Parents received their son’s letter to Santa and resigned their jobs the next day… Continue reading to learn more…

When Eric’s parents decide to read his letter to Santa to bring him what he wants for Christmas, they are instead met with a message that crushes their hearts.

“Mom.” Eric gently tugged on his mother’s sleeve.

“Yes, Tina, I changed it yesterday.” Eric’s mother hurriedly turned to him and motioned for him to wait before pointing to her phone.

Eric groaned and stood up to depart. He was eight years old and wise enough to see that once his mother began conversing with her coworkers, he would have to wait a long time.

He returned to the living room. He and his father had been watching a cartoon together when Dad got the phone call.

“Hello, Eric! Sorry for bothering you, but I need to respond to this mail immediately.” Eric’s father smiled briefly as he tapped on the screen of his phone.

“Okay, but can I—”

“I told you, Eric, I was responding to a message.” Wait.”

Eric curled up on the couch. We were about to leave for the park. He’d been waiting for his folks all day and didn’t want to wait any longer!

“Eric?” Mom entered the room with a grimace on her face. “I’m sorry, honey, but I won’t be able to accompany you to the playground today.” I need to correct a major error at work, but you can still accompany your father.”

“I actually have something important to do at work as well.” His father sat next to him on the couch. “I’m sorry, kid, but we can always go tomorrow.”

“But you say that all the time and it never comes true!” Eric rose from his seat on the sofa.

“I’m sorry, Eric, but we have to work to live a happy life.” “You know that,” Eric’s father said.

Eric formed a cross with his arms. Money and jobs were always available. He was aware that they needed money to purchase everything, but he had never been happier than when he was with his parents.

Eric’s wish list had only one item, which caused both of his parents to cry.

He could feel tears welling up in his eyes. All he wanted to do was play at the playground with his parents, but all they wanted to do was work.

“This weekend, we’ll make it up to you.” Mom placed her hand on his shoulder and sat down next to him on the ground. “Santa will go to the mall to collect all of the children’s letters.” “Would you like to see him?”

Eric cast a brief glance toward Mom. He wasn’t sure whether he believed in Santa anymore, but he needed to be with his parents. He offered a little nod.

“Great!” Mom smiled at him. “You should start thinking about what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas.”

For the following three days, Eric worked on his letter to Santa. Unless they were busy, he would chat to his parents after dinner about what he was putting on his list.

On Saturday morning, he was eager to visit Santa at the mall. He entered the kitchen, thinking his folks were cooking coffee, but Grandma Annie was there instead.

“Hello, Eric.” Grandma smiled at him. “Because your parents had to work today, they asked me to look after you.” I heard we’re heading to the mall to give Santa your letter.”

“No, I no longer want to go.” Eric stepped back.

“But how will Santa know what to give you for Christmas?”

Eric rubbed his eyes to brush away the tears. He just requested one gift for Christmas.

Eric’s parents arrived home late that night and expressed gratitude to Grandma Annie for caring for him on such short notice.

“I’m always happy to take care of my grandson,” Annie explained, “but he’s been in his room most of the day.” He refused to visit Santa at the mall.

“Didn’t he? But he was overjoyed about it.” Eric’s mother made a funny look.

“I think he was looking forward to spending the day with you and her.” Annie stretched out and touched Eric’s mother’s hand. “I know you both work very hard, but it’s important to make time for your kids.”

Eric’s parents stared at each other, both feeling awful.

After Grandma Annie had departed, Eric’s mother and father went to his room. Eric was already fast asleep, and his beautiful cheeks were stained with tears. When his mother reached down to kiss him on the cheek, she noticed he was carrying a letter addressed to Santa.

She grabbed the letter and invited Eric’s father to accompany her.

She whispered to Eric’s father, “Let’s read the letter.” “Then we can be sure to get Eric the Christmas gifts he wants.”

“That’s a good thought.” Eric’s father smiled.

They sat on the couch and opened the newspaper. Eric’s wish list had only one item, which caused both of his parents to cry.

“Dear Santa, Please give my parents a lot of money so they can stop working so much and spend more time with me.” ‘I miss them terribly.’

Eric’s mother stared her spouse in the eyes. “What else can we do, Jim?” I can’t bear the thought that our effort is making Eric unhappy, but we can’t just give up.”

“Yes, Shania, we can.” Jim took his wife’s hands in his. “A marketing company that competes with mine offered me a job.”

Shania seemed depressed. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was waiting until we could talk about it, but now I think it’s best for our family if I take it.” Jim approached her. “The hours and salary are both excellent. I’ll make enough money for you to resign and get a better career as well.”

“Are you sure?”

Jim gave a nod. “Please allow me to show you the emails they sent me. We promised to obtain Eric the items on this list, and this work would assist us in doing so.

Shania knelt down to hug her husband, and her tears of despair transformed into tears of joy.

Eric’s parents both quit their jobs the next day. They played with Eric, took him on walks, and took him to the playground every day throughout the Christmas holiday.

Eric was feeling better than he had in a long time. He couldn’t believe he had gotten exactly what he wanted for Christmas.

Eric was concerned that after his parents obtained new jobs, everything would return to normal, but they quickly put his fears to rest.

Every night, Eric’s parents put their phones away so they may spend time with their kid. They never revised their intentions to see Eric again, and he grew up believing that his parents would always be there for him.

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