Mom was obliged to send two of the triplet children for adoption; years later, the sisters run across their doppelganger at a mall.

Kathleen became pregnant in 1991, at the age of 35. When she was seven months pregnant, she discovered she was expecting triplets. Kathleen, who is deaf, was employed by the United States Postal Service at the time. Kathleen had previously been married to Lee, a long-distance truck driver with two grown children from a previous marriage. The 58-year-old had also undergone a vasectomy before dating Kathleen. The couple opted to utilize a sperm donor because of Lee’s medical treatment. Kathleen said that she convinced her husband to allow them to have a child, and he reluctantly consented.

The couple used intrauterine insemination (IUI) to have their kid. IUI is a medical process that includes the use of fertility drugs, and there is always the possibility of multiples. Because of this possibility, it was no surprise that Kathleen was expecting triplets. When Kathleen and her husband found out they were having triplets, they were worried. Kathleen and Lee, according to Rikki, were not financially prepared to raise triplets.

Rikki went on to say that neither Julianne nor Kendall had any biological interest in Kathleen. Tina was happy that this did not happen because she was afraid her daughters would cry, Mom, and escape to their original mother. Lee, meantime, was becoming older and would be unable to raise three children. As a consequence, Kathleen and Lee chose to adopt two of their daughters. Rikki said her mother saw a hint that Kendall and Julianne would be raised together.

Rikki recalls her mother informing her during the ultrasound that she was expecting triplets, with Kendall and Rikki in breech and Julianne’s head down. All of the physicians told Kathleen that they couldn’t change the positions of the two infants. Kathleen was taken aback when she noticed Kendall had twisted and her head was down, precisely like Julianne’s. At that time, Kathleen made her decision.

Kendall and Julianne were intended to be together, she claimed, so she opted to place them for adoption.Kathleen returned home with Rikki and put Julianne and Kendall with their new parents, Ken and Tina Scavo, for adoption. Ken and Tina were high school sweethearts who had been trying to conceive for six years with little luck. Two of their adoption attempts were also unsuccessful.

Kathleen later noted that she had a gut feeling that two of her triplets belonged with Ken and Tina. She recalled holding each of them and wondering if she was doing the right thing by placing them for adoption, but she was now pleased she did. Despite this, she acknowledged that the entire encounter was well above anything she had ever done or would ever experience in her entire life. Because it was an open adoption, Kathleen paid visits to her two daughters for a year following the adoption.

They lost touch once the adoption was finalized. Rikki stressed that in the past, birth moms could legally retrieve their children. The media frequently reported on birth moms snatching their children from adoptive parents. Tina and Ken were so frightened after viewing these films that they switched from open to closed adoption. Kathleen didn’t help matters by constantly writing to Tina and Ken, expressing her remorse and guilt at having given up her girls for adoption.

Kathleen seems to be implying in these letters that if she could redo the event, she would make a different choice. Tina added that she and her husband had been trying to have children for six and a half years and were scared of Kathleen retrieving them. As a consequence, the daughters were estranged until their pre-teen years, when they reconciled.In Colorado, the two families lived barely 40 minutes apart. Kendall and Julianne, on the other hand, were kept in the dark about Rikki’s existence until they were eight years old.

Rikki, on the other hand, had been told everything about her sisters by her mother. Rikki admitted that her childhood was lonely because both of her parents worked full-time, and she felt quite isolated growing up on a farm. Rikki’s father died of cancer when she was ten years old, and Kendall stated that they would move closer to family in Missouri.

Rikki reached out to Ken and Tina around this time and asked if she might see her sisters; surprisingly, they accepted. The three girls and their parents met in a Colorado mall. “They were pretty unfazed,” Rikki remembered of the meeting. We were all nervous before we arrived, but once there, it was just like meeting up with an old friend. They felt very comfortable.”Kendall, now a graphic artist in Austin, was taken aback when she discovered Rikki and Julianne were identical twins.

She was dissatisfied because she didn’t resemble her sisters. Julianne compared herself to Rikki, saying it was like gazing in the mirror. Rikki and Julianne had identical voices and demeanors. They sat with one foot up and crossed, and they moved their hands similarly when chatting. Rikki stated that the meeting gave her mother a sense of relief. Rikki further stated that Julianne and Kendall felt no biological attraction to Kathleen.

Tina was happy that this did not happen because she was afraid her daughters would cry, Mom, and escape to their original mother. Rikki subsequently relocated to Missouri, and the three girls communicated via letter writing. Every summer, Rikki spent two weeks with her sisters. Rikki noted that Ken and Tina’s families were fairly affluent, while she and her mother suffered from paycheck to paycheck, but she felt no resentment for her sisters’ good fortune.

Rikki, on the other hand, was overjoyed to remain with her sisters since she was exposed to new things during her time there, and the summers were like a refuge for her after she was bullied a lot in high school. As adolescents and adults, the sisters continue to spend time together. The triplets are from Austin, Texas, and they host the podcast “Luke, Who Is Your Father.” They got tattoos of their initials to show how much they cared for each other.

The girls have glyph tattoos on their arms and gather together for birthday feasts. Rikki said that she feels left out at times since Kendall and Julianne grew up in the same home. She went on to remark that she recognizes they would not have had the closeness they have today if they had grown up together, but she is thankful they have each other. Tina’s husband died of cancer in 2009, but she claims she became close to Kathleen.

Kathleen, she continued, was a great person when they met in 2022. Tina remarked that if Kathleen had not been there, she would not have become a mother. The three sisters are also happy with each other. Rikki and Julianne have not spoken to each other in two years. Julianne, who works in sales, says Rikki is still learning the strength of a sister’s relationship and the existence of unconditional love. They’re all getting along now; they go on group dates with their spouses and have regular game nights.

This is the tale of a man who died, leaving two 17-month-old twins behind. These twins got a message from him a year later. Because of the message, the twins will remember their father for years.

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