Musicians travel to Scotland to record an astounding rendition of “Fight Song” that has garnered over 47 million views…

“I live in Scotland, and nothing could explain Scotland better,” one observer commented. This was performed flawlessly.

Nature and music complement each other beautifully.

Listening to music while out in nature is usually more relaxing.

And when artists mix these two, you may expect a good mood and a sense of accomplishment from life and its significance.

The Piano Guys and the Wasatch & District Pipe Band wonderfully and inspirationally played Rachel Platten and Dave Bassett’s Fight Song.

It was shot at one of the world’s most famous castles and also performed outside.

Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie, Scotland.

Dornie is an ideal place due to its abundance of lush green woods, breathtaking mountain vistas, and clear streams.

The Northern Highlands, which have been the site of several historical battles, can be seen in the music video’s opening shot, which depicts its rivers and valleys.

It also honors the Scottish warrior culture.

This may have prompted The Piano Guys to sing such a great song in such spectacular settings.

It generates a similar battling spirit while singing the song, narrating the narrative, and exhibiting bravery.

The sound of drums, played by the Wasatch & District Pipe Band, quickly followed the film.

A mock-up of what would have been a call to arms during a war.

The rhythm draws the listener’s attention.

The peaceful introduction is heard within the gardens of Eilean Donan Castle.

There is a duet at first.
Cellist Steven Sharp Nelson with pianist Jon Schmidt.

The cello’s harmony and the piano’s strums mingle with the castle in the distance as they perform.

Drums and men and women carrying bagpipes may be heard gradually approaching while the piano and cello play.

In the video, the band can be seen marching across the bridge toward the castle.

As the traveling band came, the cello transitioned into Amazing Grace.

Its vitality is felt by everyone.

The music then changed still further, this time including bagpipers as a hidden component that matched the other instruments.

It has a striking resemblance to the Scottish fighting concept.
When everyone joined in for the grand finale, the song spread far into the lands and into the soul.

People are rather outspoken.
The feedback on their YouTube video has been very positive.

The comment “I am 94 years old and I simply enjoy how the Piano Guys sing this song” garnered the most likes. I keep listening to it over and over again and never get tired of it. In addition, I like Scotland and the bagpipes, and I hope to visit there before I die.”

With everyone’s hurried life these days, this video serves as a reminder to halt and listen to nature through music, which will help to cleanse our hearts and minds.

Watch the video below to hear an excellent version of “Fight Song” set against Scotland’s breathtaking countryside!

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