This small youngster explains why God made grandma in his opinion. The video will break your heart…

Children often say the most incredible things. Grandmothers: Why Did God Create Them? In this sweet 2008 clip from Goodnews with Don & Cheryl, this child had an outstanding reaction.

Grandmothers are among the most pleasant things we may encounter throughout the day. Grandmas are a fantastic addition to anyone’s life, whether it’s because of their silly jokes or because of their warm and loving manner. When you need to chat, they will listen and offer their years of expertise. When asked why God created Grandma, a little kid in a karate outfit reacted most amazingly.

The youngster expressed several real things while seeming silly, with the probable exception of “she’s the king of all of them.” As we become older, we become more collected and calm. As a result, grandparents are often gentler and more sympathetic than younger folks. This explains why you can see a peaceful, placid grandmother yet discover from their children that she was once rather fiery.

When grandparents get to enjoy having children around without having to worry about the everyday responsibilities of parenting, they may be more calm and supportive of the youngsters.

Grandmas are the finest, as this young man is well aware. He definitely adores her, despite the fact that he struggles to comprehend her age. It’s all he can think about.

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