A deaf girl hears her mother for the first time… Please watch the video below!

When a baby hears her mother’s voice for the first time, she grins, freaks out, is astonished, and then gets worried. It’s incredible to see the gamut of emotions that flash over her face. There are no more vivid depictions of human emotions available.

Charlotte (Charly) Keane, two months old, grins and looks to be fighting back tears as her mother Christy holds her.

The infant replies with sheer happiness after receiving hearing aids and hearing her mother say “hi” and “I love you.”

«For the first time, Charlie listens and hears me say, ‘I love you,’» Christy posted on Instagram.

She is just as impassioned as her mother and is fighting back tears of delight.

«We experienced the miracle I had hoped for today when Char got her hearing aids.»

«This was fantastic beyond words since we didn’t believe she’d hear anything.»

Her path to implants and language development has begun nicely!

Daniel, Christy’s boyfriend, caught the spectacular occurrence.

As Charlotte starts to talk, she grins and attempts to hold back tears.

Christy says, “I’ve never seen that face before.”

“Are you in a bad mood?” Because of you, I’m going to weep. Will you feel the same feelings as your mother?

“You’re very sweet,” she says as the child grins. I adore you.

Charlotte was born deaf in August.

When she is old enough, her parents want her to receive cochlear implantation and work with a speech therapist.

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