An elderly couple marries at the location where they first met. Watch the incredible video to witness the ceremony…

As one newlywed Arizona couple went down the aisle, it was an event unlike any other.

Brenda, 72, and Dennis Delgado, 78, married on November 19 at Fry’s Food and Drug in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Their grocery store wedding was very meaningful to them since, in addition to meeting in the condiment aisle, Dennis proposed to Brenda there nine months later.

The now-married couple stumbled into each other in August 2021.

Brenda was picking a container of Miracle Whip when a guy approached her with a pickup line fit for a pandemic.

You are aware of the most significant advantage of wearing a mask?

“You could walk by these [people] without masks and condemn them under your breath; they won’t hear a word you’re saying,” Dennis answered.

Brenda laughed, and they spoke for thirty minutes.

The next week, the two went to church together and both found healing there.

Before they ran into one other, they were both in sadness.

Brenda’s husband of 30 years died of prostate cancer recently, and Dennis’ wife of 45 years died little over a year before he met Brenda.

Brenda was confused about her “purpose,” and Dennis stated he was “mad” at God for taking his wife away.

Their mutual sadness drew them together. Their connection strengthened over the next three months, and they felt secure enough to go further.

“I told him he was going to pop the question on one knee,” Brenda said. He did, indeed.

Dennis dropped down on one knee and proposed to Brenda in aisle eight, where they had met nine months before.

After being engaged, the couple began planning their wedding a few months later.

Their wedding was unlike any other.

Brenda proceeded down the condiment aisle, which was decked with one-of-a-kind flower arrangements created by grocery store employees, as “The Wedding March” played over the intercom.

Although Brenda thinks their wedding is silly, others may not.

“It was my idea to get married there,” she stated. Okay, I’m a little strange.

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