This newborn drew everyone’s attention due to her naturally gray hair… Take a peek at her as a toddler!

Careers in the digital arena have drawn people from all walks of life. Maya, popularly known as Baby Cruella, is one of today’s most intriguing child performers.

Maya has always had a prominent white streak in her black hair, which earned her the nickname “Baby Cruella” owing to her similarity to the Disney character Cruella.

Maya surprised everyone by dressing up as different characters from “101 Dalmatians” during a picture session at the infant age of one.

Maya, Talita’s stunning kid, is certainly lovely, and her uncommon physical attribute of white hair, despite her ancestors’ blond and blue-eyed qualities, has prompted several online jokes.

Recognizing Maya’s growing popularity, her mother prepared a photoshoot in which she appeared as Cruella De Vil, which enhanced her star even more. Opportunities abound in today’s social media landscape.

Following the viral popularity of Maya’s video, I understood the need to continue to share her images online, and the reaction was overwhelmingly favorable across Latin America.

Following that, magazine editors from France and Morocco showed interest in displaying Maya’s images, which pleased Talita, who is excited about Maya’s future potential.

Maya is dressed stylishly in a Cruella de Vil-inspired fur coat with red handcuffs in these photographs, and the Dalmatians look to be hiding.

Maya, the adolescent model, has made an indelible mark on her audience, and her journey is far from done. The charm of the original animation is captured with accuracy.

Maya’s mother is represented in the images as a persona resembling a crazy murderer, an idea that drew praise from viewers. Her mother is overjoyed and optimistic about Maya’s future.

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