Parents Sing “Happy Birthday” to Down Syndrome Toddler, and His Reaction Makes Us Smile.

Being the center of attention while others sing “Happy Birthday” may be difficult as an adult – what are you expected to do for the next 30 seconds? What should you do with your hands? Is it OK for you to sing as well?

Rhett Flener, three years old, is unconcerned. On January 1st, the adorable youngster celebrated his third birthday, and his parents posted a video that would melt anyone’s heart.

Rhett was born with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and needed reconstructive bowel surgery within a few months after his birth. Since then, the infant has been in and out of the hospital, suffering from illnesses such as pneumonia. You’d never believe he’s had so many medical issues, but the happiness in his eyes is palpable!

In the video supplied by his parents, Rhett seems to be enthralled with his birthday cake, particularly the “3” candle. When his parents start singing, he breaks out in a wide grin, followed by what can only be described as joyous laughing.

Rhett’s parents bring his cake closer to him and instruct him to blow out the candle when the song is over. He gives it his best and, with a little assistance from Dad, blows it out.

Given Rhett’s attachment to the candle, you’d expect the toddler would wail when it went out. Not with this child. He grew even more happy and celebrated his achievement by raising his hands in the air.

His mother stated it best in the video’s caption: “My heart just can’t handle it!!!!!!!”He’s so happy!»

Watch the charming video below and try not to laugh along with Rhett! Then, spread the love and tell your friends about it!

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