This Mom’s Simple Trick for Resolving Toddler Tensions and Calming Down is Social Media Success

Toddlers are notorious for throwing out-of-this-world tantrums. Toddlers aged one to three are unable to articulate their feelings as well as older toddlers, resulting in tantrums when emotionally overwhelmed. Tantrums are a natural part of every child’s growth, but when they occur every few hours, they may be annoying. It might be difficult for parents and caregivers to understand what their children want and how to console them.

A mother, Alivia Cromartie, shared her advice with other parents on social media. By making newborns grin and giggle, the method helps them forget their tantrums. In an Instagram video, Cromartie told viewers that the procedure “works every time.” She films her daughter throwing a tantrum and then does the trick, displaying how her daughter’s tears transform into laughter in seconds.

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What’s the snag? It’s simpler than most people think. She had merely the “zoomies” around the child. The term “Zoomies” refers to a natural canine feature characterized by a surge of activity. They usually demonstrate their zoomies by dashing in circles or back and forth around the home. Moms rushed to the comments section to praise Cromartie’s great parenting skills.

Cromartie invented the term to describe her parenting style of running in circles around her kid. She underlined the importance of gentle parenting in her article, particularly when dealing with meltdowns: “This is how you gentle parent when your toddler is on the verge of having a meltdown… zoomies!” She forgot about her tantrum and focused on her mother when she saw her mother running around in circles. She then burst out laughing and smiling!

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When the clever prank was posted, it soon went viral. Moms flocked to the comments section to compliment Cromartie’s excellent parenting abilities, stating they’d do it with their own kids. “I will be skinny after a week of doing this with my dramatic little one,” one mother joked. “Well, this makes parenting look easy!” said someone else.
While many viewers of the popular video were unfamiliar with the approach, one mother had been using it on her daughter for years.

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“The crying stops, and I get my steps in!” “It’s a win-win situation,” she said cheerfully. There are countless tried-and-true strategies for calming toddler tantrums, but this incident shows that it is good to try out fresh ideas. After all, parenting is a process of trial and error, and it’s better to do what works best for your family, even if it seems strange to others.

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