This is one of the most unique and heartwarming pregnancy announcement videos ever…

It’s a huge deal to inform your spouse he’ll be a parent. More moms are starting to adopt very unique techniques to convey their joy. Nikk Rock was no exception. She wanted to take an unusual approach to things. So she asked the local cops for help in putting on a very unusual car trip.

In April 2017, Rock wanted to make a special announcement to Jarred Wright about her pregnancy. She sat down and gave it some serious consideration. She decided to call the Hurst Police Department, and they agreed. She was aware that her spouse would be surprised.

A police officer pulled them over as they were driving. Wright, who was driving the car, was perplexed as to why he had been stopped. When the cops arrived, Wright recognized him as a friend called Todd Colichia. Nonetheless, Wright continued to be anxious.

Colichia initiated some small talk, then enquired about broad issues before explaining why he had stopped them. He revealed to Wright that he had stopped them because he was driving while the baby was inside but not in a car seat.

a perplexed Wright went on to declare that he is not a father. The cops continually questioned him whether he was certain. He then gestured at Rock, who had been filming the whole discussion, much to her husband’s amazement. She was also holding a pregnancy test. Wright recognized what was going on as he turned to look at her, causing a change in countenance. Rock subsequently verified that they were driving without a car seat while the baby was inside!

In the video, Wright looks at his wife incredulously at first, then beams with delight as the full effect of the fantastic news sinks in. He leaned in to take Rock’s pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Colichia started congratulating the soon-to-be parent. Then Colichia’s friend appeared on the passenger side window with a large bag full of gifts for Wright. “Dad, see you on your birthday,” Wright wrote on a little teddy bear he pulled from his backpack. Wright would reportedly get a double surprise from the baby since it was due on his birthday! He also made a baby onesie with the words “I my fantastic dad” written on it.

Wright, an army combat veteran who fought in Afghanistan from 2013 to 2014 and was suffering from PTSD, was overjoyed to hear of the baby’s birth. After the video of the surprise pregnancy announcement went viral, Wright created a GoFundMe campaign to seek funds to support the expense of regular doctor appointments.

“I’ve been having problems with my psychiatric issues; I’ve been admitted to an inpatient hospital twice in the last six months, and I’ve gone to the ER a lot for panic and anxiety attacks.” In reality, I met the officer in the video after a frightening panic episode in November 2016, and he’s been a tremendous supporter of my family and I ever since,” he said.

Thanks to 56 contributions, Wright was able to collect $2,495 in total, which was more than his $2,000 objective. We’re thrilled for Wright and Rock, and we’re grateful that they captured the cute video of their pregnancy announcement so we can watch it anytime we need some encouragement!

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