Harrison Crane’s Amazing Piano Playing Amuses Airport Passengers

An 11-year-old child sits down at a piano amid a crowded airport and begins to play. As he starts to play the opening notes of Ludovico Einaudi’s “Nuvole Bianche,” heads begin to turn. Three boys his age get entirely engrossed in his music as the 11-year-old displays proficiency way above his years.

Amazing airport pianist- Harrison aged 11 plays Ludovico Einaudi cover Nuvole Bianche - YouTube

The crowd bursts into applause after this wonderful spontaneous performance, and the coffee shop provides the child with a free breakfast for entertainment. This fantastic musical moment was captured on camera and posted to YouTube, where it has earned over 25 million views. Watch the video below:

Harrison was also caught playing a public piano at the ‘Liverpool One’ retail mall, where a potential star was born, and he went viral once again! ‘Harrison Piano’ has already achieved over 55 million views on YouTube across all of his videos.

Amazing street pianist Harrison plays I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi in Liverpool - YouTube

Harrison Crane from the United Kingdom is the guy (or child) behind the ‘Harrison Piano’ YouTube account. He posted a video of himself performing well-known dance tunes from the 1990s, which was published on the Ministry of Sound’s official Instagram and Facebook sites. After the video below became popular, Johnny was asked to perform on ITV’s Good Morning Britain!

Harrison has received more views in his 12-year career than many singers would get in their whole lifetime. Spontaneity, musical originality, and, of course, innate skill have propelled this young guy to popularity and live television appearances.

Street pianist Harrison plays Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi in  LiverpoolOne - YouTube

Harrison uploads footage of himself playing on public pianos in the United Kingdom on his YouTube account. He states on the “about us” page, “Whenever I learn a new song, and have the opportunity to perform on public pianos I will post the videos on here for you to enjoy” .

Harrison’s musical skills and career have progressed to the point where he is now producing excellent handmade movies that are highly worth seeing. Another video of Harrison, this time at the age of 11, demonstrating his musical versatility while entertaining passengers at Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2.

So, how did a boy Harrison’s age wind up playing 90s music? Especially dancing music, given that he is still too young to enter a club. Harrison was inspired by his father’s musical tastes, noting, “”It’s the greatest type of music out there.” It’s simply so peppy and enjoyable. My father listens to it all the time in the vehicle.”

Harrison is joined in the video below by “School Of Rock Drummer” Jack, who is nine years old. I’m back on a public piano, this performing at a London train station.

Harrison may not come from a musical family, although he has inherited some musical DNA. He began playing at the age of six and learns songs via ear, YouTube, and sheet music.

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