What a lovely sight! It was very exciting when a little girl and a deer met… Watch the video below…

It’s astonishing how much these two young buddies have in common.

Children and animals have long had particular bonds. Perhaps the innocence of children causes animals to befriend them rather than fear them.

Adorable little girl becomes a 'deer whisperer' with nervous fawn

In a brief video, the Herring family is getting ready to leave their front yard after a canoe excursion when a deer walks in and approaches their daughter Maya.

They both appeared cautious at first, but then a young deer became courageous and approached her, giving her a quick touch to say hello. Maya was instantly pleased by the deer’s adorable behavior, and she began to stroke the deer’s snout and back.

They rapidly become good friends, and Maya wants to show the faun everything!

Adorable little girl becomes a 'deer whisperer' with nervous fawn

They were having a lovely time together until her mother informed her that it was time to go home and that her new little buddy, who was also going home to her mother, had to go home since it was becoming dark.

This adorable encounter might turn out to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

They’re both incredibly interested, and the moment is incredible and lovely. Their relationship is really priceless.

This will undoubtedly stick with this youngster for the rest of his or her life.

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