So cute!Tiny infant twins embrace while napping

Imagine having a twin if having a sibling makes you wealthy.

The link between identical twins is formed before they are born. Unlike other newborns, they have a companion and a buddy already in the womb, which makes their bond unique.

After becoming used to the presence of their twin sister in their lives, most twins find it difficult to fathom spending time apart.

Take a look at these two adorable newborns. They got to hang together while they were still growing, and even when they were out and had lots of room, they still chose to stay near to one another and snuggle, just as they did before they were welcomed into this world.

They clearly appreciate being close to one another since they are peaceful and have adorable grins on their cheeks.

They barely open their small eyes for a split second as their mother approaches with the camera.

Seeing children enjoy themselves while cuddling fills our hearts with delight. We are delighted that the happy parents chose to share the video with the rest of the globe.

The video went viral as soon as Uniland shared it on their Facebook page. It was seen over 22 million times, and many people couldn’t stop sharing and commenting on it.

However, the video turned out to be an old one, and the twins are already toddlers. People were interested to see how they looked today and whether they still loved each other as much as they had on the first day.

Sofia and Sara are the twin girls’ names, and they are still as lovely and adorable as they were when they were newborns.

On the Instagram account Tobon_twins, their parents publish images and videos of them.

Lovely Sofia and Sara like posing and going on adventures. They have traveled extensively over Europe and have had a great time with their parents. The family resides in Florida, United States.

Looking at the lovely family, I wish I had twins as well. That way, I’d know my children would always have a pal.
Not only do they all look lovely, but the small girls wearing identical clothes and a slew of costly accessories cause onlookers to turn around and scream ‘aww.’

The parents, Juan Carlos and Juliana Tobon, are accomplished real estate executives who spend a lot of time working, but they always make time to be with their daughters, who make them the happiest parents on the planet.

Finding a balance between a work and a family life is something that many people struggle with, but it seems that these determined parents know just how to accomplish it.

We wish them a wonderful life full of joyful moments and smiles.

Take a look at the touching video below; it will undoubtedly brighten your day.

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