When an 81-year-old guy can’t afford to purchase food for his elderly dog, a squeaky voice offers, “I’ll pay for it.”… Continue reading to find out what happens next…

An elderly guy at a grocery shop was depressed because he couldn’t afford to purchase food for his elderly dog. He gave up on humans when the cashier humiliated him in front of everyone. Then he heard a pleasant voice from behind him, which gave him hope and warmed his heart.

Corey Foster, 81, was driving home with tears streaming down his wrinkled face. He wanted to spend more time at his wife Brenda’s grave, but he was thirsty and exhausted.

He placed a rose on her grave and said, “See you tomorrow, sweetheart.”

Corey felt his life was perfect till Brenda died a month ago. “What would you do without me?!” Brenda made frequent jokes. But old Corey brushed it off and claimed it wouldn’t happen.

Brenda died while clutching his hand in her sleep. This was heartbreaking, and it shook his whole universe. The elderly guy grew lonely, irresponsible, and confused since he had no one to look after him. Then a furry buddy from God appeared in his life…

Corey Foster was devastated when his wife Brenda died.

Corey was crossing the street after obtaining a water bottle one day. His face was drenched with tears and perspiration. He traveled slowly because he disliked returning home. He was troubled by the empty vacuum left by Brenda’s death.

Brenda would stand at the door and wave when Corey returned home from working as a carpenter. But she was nowhere to be seen when he returned. Even more painful was the void she left in his heart.

Corey was nearly to the end of the block when he saw a sad-looking elderly dog napping on a sidewalk seat.

Corey came across a sickly elderly dog on the street.

He came to a halt and turned to face the dog. “Oh, my,” he sighed as he raised it.

He sprayed some water on the dog’s face, and when the unfortunate creature opened its eyes, Corey felt hopeful. He attempted to give the dog water, but it was too exhausted and unwell to drink.

Corey was eager to get home. He was hungry and exhausted, but seeing the pitiful puppy made him sad. Then he saw a letter attached to the dog’s collar that stated, “Please take care of him if you find him.” The dog’s owners seemed to have abandoned him.

“Come here…boy, come here…” “Come on,” he urged, picking up the dying animal and carrying it to the veterinarian.

The dog was cared for for a few days. The animal had passed out from hunger and thirst. While Corey was with him, he took care of the dog for two days. He spent practically all of his money to rehabilitate the dog. The vet advised that Corey surrender the dog to a shelter, but Corey refused.

“I’ll take him with me!” he said.

Corey named the puppy “Hercules,” and they instantly became excellent friends. Corey was no longer alone, and he enjoyed spending time with his pet. However, new difficulties quickly took away their enjoyment.

Corey and Hercules were content until they encountered some difficulties.


There’s also $1 in the toolbox…

Let me first check in the closet…” Corey murmured to himself as he explored every nook and cranny of his home for cash. “Oh, the drawer has $10 in it!”

Corey had spent all of his money on groceries and costly dog food since he didn’t know how to budget. He never planned his spending, and since he was a spendthrift, he found himself in a position where obtaining only $1 looked like a tremendous gain.

Corey began to eat less so that his dog could eat properly and be healthy. He brought Hercules with him to the supermarket one day to purchase dog food and other supplies.

He shopped the aisles, putting dog food, canned beans, and sausages in his basket. Corey wanted to purchase more, but the sound of pennies in his pocket reminded him of his poverty.

“That will do for a few days!” he shouted. He proceeded to the cash counter to settle his charge.

Corey collected all of his money and headed to the food shop.

After paying for his groceries, the cashier asked the guy for $20. He grinned and scrutinized Corey from head to toe. He groaned and pounded the counter, demanding $20.

The money was taken from Corey’s pocket. With a peculiar expression of incredulity on his face, he counted the money many times. The cashier was enraged.

“Sir, $20…

Please hurry…

More people are rooting for you.”

Corey seemed helpless.

“I…er… “Please only give me one bag of dog food. “I don’t want three,” he remarked quietly. “And I don’t want the beans and sausages that come in cans.”

It irritated the cashier. “Why did you take them if you didn’t want them?” he said. “And that dog you have… It’s revolting! … “Don’t bring it back here!”

Corey was unable to purchase dog food because he lacked sufficient funds.

Corey’s eyes began to well up at this time. He remembers Brenda doing all of the shopping and bringing his favorite meals home in her bags. He didn’t have enough money to purchase whatever he desired right now. But, since he now felt responsible for the puppy, he made sure to purchase at least one bag of dog food for Hercules.

“You have just $12, and dog food costs $8…

The other items total $12…

“We’re sorry, but we don’t offer discounts,” the cashier smiled.

Corey was startled to hear a high-pitched voice from behind him. “I’ll cover the cost!” When Corey turned around, he saw an 11-year-old child beaming.

“You! I’ve finally met you! You were with Hercules the other day at the park!” Corey screamed and wept.

Tom nodded cheerfully and paid for everything in his basket. He even used the money he’d saved to purchase extra groceries and dog food.

“Thank you so much, son!” “How will I ever repay you?” Corey stated.

The elderly guy was taken aback when Tom asked him for something unusual, which caused him to weep.

A guy offered to pay for the items Corey purchased.

“Well, just hand it over to someone else!”

… And bring Hercules to the park every day so we can play!” he said. “After this, I’ll pay for his dog food, I promise!”

Tom aspired to be a veterinarian when he grew up. His parents relocated him to a new place where he knew no one. Tom was relieved that Corey would allow him to play with his dog.

Corey learned the value of money when the cashier made fun of him. He resolved to return to work as a carpenter and earn some money.

When he opened the door the following day, he heard children wailing from next door.

“How are you, honey?” “Why are you two crying?” he inquired of the girls.

Corey returned home the following day to discover two children weeping in front of his house.
Corey enjoyed being around children since he and Brenda never had any of their own.

“Why are you crying?” he questioned again.

The kids had requested a swing for the backyard, but their mother had never purchased one for them.

Corey’s next-door neighbor, Maria, was a single mother. She worked as a nanny, but her pay was barely enough to keep the home running. She had no option but to decline to purchase a swing for her children.

Corey kept remembering Tom’s remarks from the day before as he glanced at the youngsters.

“I’ll pay it forward now,” he said under his breath, and he ran to his garage to start building a beautiful swing for the kids.

He left a new swing in the girls’ yard as a present a few days later. Maria was relieved to see her children smiling again. But she was concerned about how she would pay the elderly guy since she could barely afford to purchase food.

“Oh, don’t be worried! “Aunt Corey will not charge you for that!” He made a joke. He understood why Maria seemed to be helpless. He gave himself a pat on the back and was proud of himself for being kind.

Because Tom had done something good for Corey, Corey built a swing for the two girls.

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